Can I apply for a group with different entry dates for each one?

We are a group of 05 Canadian travelers, entering Vietnam this November. However, 02 of us will enter on the 7th and remaining 03 will enter on 10th. How shoud I apply for the Vietnam visa online?

Asked by Dan Gibson, Sep 29, 2014

Answer 1

Dear Mr Dan,


Thank you very much for your kind question.

Kindly note that one single application is for a group of applicants with the same entry date. Consequently, you need to file 02 separating online applications: first one with entry date on 7 NOV and second one with entry date on 10 NOV.

Should you need further assistance, please feel free to contact us 


Best regards,

Vietnam Visa Team.

Answered by Supporter, Sep 29, 2014



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