Should i obtain tourist visa in India or Cambodia?

Hi Greetings from India. Three of us are planning to travel to Vietnam on a tourist via for 2 weeks. I am not clear if i should apply for the visa in India or will i able to get a visa in Cambodia while i am traveling before i enter Vietnam. Also, if i have to apply in India, do i have to show the local bus ticket to Vietnam? We are backpacking in September. Please let us know, Thanks

Asked by Sunil Lakhani, Sep 26, 2014

Answer 1

Dear Mr Sunil Lakhani,


Thank you for your question!

We are pleased to reply that you totally can apply Visa on arrival online with us here: Please fill in the form and settle payment.

The approval letter will be processed and sent back to you after 2 working days except weekend and holiday. It does not matter if you apply Visa in India or Cambodia or not. The important thing you should do is applying before your arrival date in Viet Nam at least 4 days.

Please ensure that you will enter Vietnam by air only since we cannot support customers apply visa if they enter Viet Nam by road or sea.

Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.


Best Regards,

Vietnam Visa Team

Answered by Supporter, Sep 26, 2014



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